Beverlyn Baer 2

Beverlyn Baer
7 years vegan
Yoga teacher, curious mover and shaker, adventure
seeker, nature lover and yummy vegan food eater

Daiya’s Cheezy Mac

“After a long day of working, the last thing I want to do is spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner. Daiya’s Cheezy Mac has come to the rescue multiple times as that go-to comfort food that just makes everything right again.”

Jazmine Janay

Jazmine Janay
3 years vegan
Dog mom, professional mango slicer,
health enthusiast

Dr. Bronners Hair Creme

“The Dr. Bronners Hair Creme is amazing. I love this product because it adds shine, softness, and moisture to my curly hair which can get dull and dry.”


Scott Renwick
8 years vegan
Vegan entrepreneur, loves food
and all things vegan

protein powder

“This protein powder is my go-to. It tastes great and works terrific in oatmeal and smoothies. Blends terrifically and goes down well as a shake. A top pick for anyone looking to supplement their protein intake.”


Sun & Earth is constantly making improvements to its tried and tested formulas. Sun & Earth’s mission is to create high-quality cleaning products from natural ingredients that work just as well as chemical-ridden commercial brands.

The company works hard to ensure that all of its ingredients are non-toxic and cruelty-free…… [read more]