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The day I became vegan

Saturday 24th September 2015 – I came out… as Vegan! It was sudden, a realisation. After watching ‘Cowspiracy’ the documentary, I knew that was it. I would never eat meat, fish, or dairy ever again. This was a pretty bold decision, one that raised suspicions and feelings of disbelief from [...]


3 Protein-Rich Plants + an Easy Recipe

Health and Fitness Built Right In! Tip: Chia seeds, sprouts and spirulina are great plant sources of protein, and will help you compensate for not consuming animal protein. If you frequent this corner of the internet, hopefully you’ve diminished your animal product consumption – or perhaps stopped it altogether. However, as [...]


The compassionate fashionista

From high-fashion to a sustainable & compassionate fashionista Arguably, the most difficult part of going vegan is converting my style and fashion desires to those that are not only compassionate but also sustainable. What does that mean for all newbie vegan fashionista’s? – Thou shall not wear leather – Thou shall not [...]