5 Vegan Athletes to Inspire and Motivate You on Instagram

5 Vegan Athletes to Inspire and Motivate You on Instagram

Social media has aided the vegan movement more than any other platform in history. Anyone who has an idea they are motivated to share now has the infrastructure to have their voice heard. The world has never been more accessible, allowing the vegan message of compassion and health to spread and permeate the mainstream.

The rise of social media has put some otherwise unknown people on the map, turning them into internet celebrities. Some of these people are vegans who are passionate about health and fitness, and who are able to use their abilities, skills and physique to promote the vegan lifestyle; especially on visual platforms, such as Instagram.

We’ve picked 5 outstanding vegan athletes that have excellent Instagram accounts packed with inspiration, information and great ideas for you to use and make part of your life.

#1 Torre Washington @torre.washington

Focus: Body Building

Torre Washington is a block of muscle – a beacon of light for anyone looking to the myth that vegans can’t build muscle. He looks terrific, competes at an elite level, and whether you’re into body building or not, you can’t help but be impressed by the physique that he has achieved.

His Instagram account is full of videos and images that inspire others to rethink their eating habits, their take on protein, and their preconceived notions of what vegans look like.

#2 Ella Magers @sexyfitvegan

Focus: Toning and Fitness

Ella is a published author, known for her book The Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan. She is a fitness coach who works with people who are interested in transforming their bodies and eating habits, showing them the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it can help transform their lives.

Ella is very active on Instagram, and with a good mix of ethical and health-related posts, she shares insights from her lifestyle and inspires others to achieve similar results on a vegan meal plan.

Ella's Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan

#3 Jon Venus @jonvenus

Focus: Body Building

Jon Venus has one thing on his mind when it comes to training, and that is aesthetics. He admits it and openly states it in his videos: he’s training for looks. Fact is that so are most people hitting the gym.

If you follow Jon and his story, you’ll see that his best achievements have been while he was on a plant-based diet. This guy looks terrific, and in his quest to look phenomenal, he has gained a hell of a lot of knowledge and wisdom along the way. This is definitely an inspiring voice worth listening to.

A post shared by Jon Venus (@jonvenus) on

A post shared by Jon Venus (@jonvenus) on

#4 Brendan Brazier @brendanbrazier

Focus: Endurance

Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. He is a vegan advocate, author of the Thrive book series, and a leading authority on plant-based performance and endurance nutrition. To top this all off, Brendan is also the formulator and co-founder of the vegan supplement company, Vega (possibly the most well-known brand in the world for vegan fitness supplements and protein blends).

His Instagram account is a visual stunner: a combination of scenic views and action shots you could stare at for hours. If you’re looking for something to inspire you to go outside and be active – this is it.

Evening stroll in the hills. @losangeles_city @losangeles_la #losangeles

A post shared by Brendan Brazier (@brendanbrazier) on

Vega supplements - formulated by Brendan Brazier

#5 Patrik Baboumian @patrikbaboumian

Focus: Strength

Patrik is a German Strongman competitor, breaker of several world records, and a vegan advocate and public speaker. His passion for veganism and plant-based living leads him to speak at many international festivals and conferences, where he represents the vegan movement with pride.

His Instagram account reflects his larger-than-life personality, his fun-loving attitude, and his dedication to the vegan movement. His posts are sure to inspire you both in terms of physical strength and activism.

At #vegafest in #ljubljana

A post shared by Patrik Baboumian (@patrikbaboumian) on

#2091days #veganpower #coffeelover #protein #veganbadass

A post shared by Patrik Baboumian (@patrikbaboumian) on

This list is, of course, not at all exhaustive. There are many more vegan athletes out there using their abilities to connect the world to the powerful and meaningful message of compassion, while demonstrating that vegans are also at the cutting edge of health and fitness. Come back for more inspiration in my next post, where I’ll reveal 5 more vegan athletes who will inform and inspire you through their podcasts!

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