5 Vegan restaurants you just can’t miss in Mexico City

5 Vegan restaurants you just can’t miss in Mexico City

It’s not a secret that veganism grows more and more every day around the world, and Mexico City is no exception. Restaurants in this city reveal that healthy and conscious food don’t have to be boring, tasteless or anything other than utterly delicious.

Here are our top 5 picks.


  1. Forever Vegano

This gastronomic option for vegans and vegetarians offers conservative, sugar- and artificial additive-free options with dishes made only with local and fresh ingredients.

You can’t miss these star attractions:

Quinoa burger in a gluten free bun sided with guacamole, vegan chipotle mayo, caramelized onions and sweet potato fries.

Or the Dragon Bowl, with edamame, baked tofu, vegetables and a vietnamese sweet and sour sauce with a touch of vegan chipotle mayo.

BV37               BV36

Where can you find it:

  • Guanajuato 54 esquina Mérida, Roma
  • Avenida Presidente Masaryk 74 esquina Arquímedes, Polanco
  1. Los Loosers

This fresh new concept has everyone in town excited to try them.

How does it work?

They publish the dish of the day on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and start getting orders from customers from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Just give them your address and Los Loosers will deliver your incredibly delicious food to wherever you are.

Their menu consists of pizzas, paninis, hamburgers and even bakery, everything made out of cereals, vegetables, fruits, seeds and legumes.


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pictures by Los Loosers instagram page

Where you can find it: https://www.facebook.com/LosLoosers/




  1. Centro Macrobiótico Tao

This restaurant focuses on the macrobiotic diet which rejects any type of processed or manipulated food. Based on that diet, the restaurant classifies their ingredients and dishes into two categories, yin (natural foods) and yang (foods that should be limited in consumption, such as salt or coffee), helping achieve a balance between the mental and the physical states of those who eat them.

The restaurant offers the healthiest food possible, with dishes containing no meat, processed sugars, salt, dairy or eggs whatsoever.

Their menu consists of soup, main course, whole grain rice, vegetables, dessert, and to top off your healthy meal, a tea infusion to assist digestion.



Where you can find it:

Cozumel 76, Roma

  1. Utopía

If you’re looking for a delicious vegan pizza that tastes home-made, Utopía is your place! Besides being pet-friendly, Utopia features competitive prices, unlimited flavors of water and amazing service. The options at Utopia will help you never miss any product of animal origins again with a menu that consists of hamburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, cheese sticks, and so much more that will have you licking your fingers and craving for more.


BV33   BV34

Where can you find it:

Juan Escutia esquina Cuernavaca, Col. Condesa

  1. Pan Comido / Chomp Chomp

This restaurant offers amazing dishes that go from sandwiches, hamburgers, falafel, and salads to a selection of healthy dishes that include superfood ingredients.

And the best part is their desserts subsidiary called Chomp Chomp, which offers delicious shakes, cookies, and vegan desserts to die for.

BV8    BV35

Where can you find it:

Tonalá casi esquina Chihuahua, Col. Roma.

Leibnitz 117, Col. Anzures.








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