Let’s be honest – veganism is not easy.

Vegan lifestyle is many things. It’s fulfilling, it’s ethical, it’s compassionate, it’s environmentally-friendly and it’s good for you and your family. One thing it’s really not, at least when you first become vegan, is practical.

It takes time to find vegan replacement options for the foods you and your family loved to eat. It takes time to find leather-free shoes and bags that are durable, comfortable and stylish. It takes time to check the ingredient lists for the foods you buy. It takes time to research whether the makeup you love is cruelty-free, and if it’s not, to find something new that fits.

It can also get lonely and frustrating. What if your partner is not vegan? How can you have a healthy vegan pregnancy? Is it OK to breastfeed while vegan? What about your fitness routine – how do you amp up your protein intake? How much soy can you eat or give to your kids? Where can you find vegan flamenco shoes? There’s literally a billion questions.

That’s why we dreamt up Billion Vegans.

We want to help you with your vegan journey by providing a place where you can find everything you need, from food, clothing, and cosmetics to toys and books, that’s been curated, checked and certified vegan by us, as well as suggested, reviewed and recommended by other vegans like you. We also want to provide you with a safe community where you can find answers to any burning questions and a wealth of blogs from our contributors on every topic under the sun.

Come join our journey!

If you have any question or suggestion for us, or if you would like to join our tastemaker club  – we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us at info@billionvegans.com, and we’ll be happy to have you join our journey!

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