Fashionistas around the world can all agree that there is nothing like finding that one perfect item. Whether it’s a bag or shoes, or a necklace to complete your outfit, it’s an amazing feeling that we all know and love. Though,occasionally as a vegan sometimes finding the right products can mean compromising beliefs. Luckily, the in today’s would this no longer an issue! Here are five examples of fashion brands that will keep our nation stylish, vegan, and happy.

Simeon Farrar– The London based brand of stylish and comfortable clothing is perfect for the modern millennial. Their colorful and creative designs placed on graphic tees, flowy dresses, and cute clutches will keep the modern vegan looking cool and trendy.

Beyond Skin– Beyond Skin is a shoe company beloved by both the average woman and celebrities alike. Beyond skin is not only dedicated to creating comfortable, vegan footwear for women, but also pride themselves on being ecologically responsible and working only with recycled materials and in factories that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Matt&Nat– Although the name might make you believe that it refers to the designers names’, it’s actually referring to the brand’s key ideas which is to use natural materials. This Canadian shoe and handbag line is committed to creating beautifully crafted products with only the best and most organic materials.

Cartina Paper Idea– The idea behind these sneakers was to use only recycled materials to create a light, durable, and water resistant sneaker. The end product was a line of cool, and colorful sneakers perfect for the modern vegan.

Cri de Coeur– This luxury brand is dedicated to creating hand-crafted shoes and handbags with only sustainable materials. The brand is committed to working with vendors who follow earth friendly processes and have a fair treatment of workers.

See, being a vegan fashionista doesn’t have to be hard!  Never compromise your style or beliefs. So happy and healthy shopping!


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