You don’t have to eat lettuce to stay true to your vegan diet. Peep these surprising vegan snacks and you’ll see that being vegan doesn’t mean giving up your favorite childhood munches.



Oreos: That’s right, America’s favorite cookie is actually vegan! These famous “chocolate and creme” cookies aren’t made with any animal ingredients at all. Vegans rejoice!




Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: Nope, it’s not butter that gives these flaky, savoury rolls their addicting taste. Thanks to vegetable oils, these baked goods are vegan friendly and a household staple.





Ritz Crackers: Like the crescent rolls above, Ritz Crackers contain no dairy or animal products despite their buttery flavor. Ritz obtains this faux butteriness through a combination of vegetable oils that are animal friendly!





Unfrosted Pop-Tarts: Pop-tarts are the go-to for a quick breakfast or snack in many households, and vegans can be happy that Blueberry, Strawberry and Brown sugar unfrosted flavors are all vegan!






Lindt Excellence Cocoa Bars in 70%, 85%, and 90%: Even vegans get chocolate cravings, and thanks to Lindt they can be satisfied! Lindt Excellence Cocoa Bars in 70%, 85%, and 90% do not contain any animal products!





Nutter Butters: Peanut butter lovers unite! These original peanut butter delicacies are 100% vegan.Pair with a glass of your favorite non-dairy milk, and you’ve got yourself a perfect vegan dessert or snack.





Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars: The majority of these crumbly, crunch bars of completely vegan and completely satisfying. The vegan lineup includes: Apple Crisp, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Pecan Crunch, Roasted Almond, and Maple Brown Sugar. Your hikes just got a whole lot tastier!


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