When it comes to veganism, it’s not only about eating vegan foods. Being vegan is also about avoiding any type of animal cruelty such as buying any items that utilize animal materials. Natural fur is not the only type of material derived from animals. Something as simple as running shoes can also be non-vegan friendly.  The non-synthetic materials, glues, and dyes used in some running shoes come from animals too, and are sometimes even tested on the animals to check for toxicity. Isn’t that just too cruel? Fortunately, you can now run vegan and stay in shape!

People have different types of feet which affects the area where their foot lands. That being said, there is a variety of options to fit each type of foot and each running purpose. Some of the best vegan running shoes are:

Brooks Men’s Beast’ 14: offer stability, support, and cushioning

Brooks Women’s Ariel 14: offers cushioning and stability – for flat   arched feet.

That said, all of Brooks shoes are vegan, so compare away!

ASICS- used for long runs due to its comfort and stability and nearly all their shoes are vegan!

Newton Gravity- used for racing

Merrell Bare Access Ultra- used for off-road terrain



PETA’s ultimate source of vegan running shoes for men

PETA’s ultimate source of vegan running shoes for men



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