How did your family respond to you going vegan?

How did your family respond to you going vegan?

When I finally decided to become a raw vegan it was due to all my health issues. So being that I am closest to my mom and her side of the family, I thought they would definitely be supportive. However, when I first announced to my mom that this my goal to regain my health, she was shocked! In total disbelief I think. I remember her saying “You’re going vegan? What about our holidays” . I was kind of shocked at her response. If I’m being honest, I was thinking “I can barely walk and your worried about holidays

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I’m also a somewhat flaky personality, so I just think they assumed I would try it and get over it pretty quickly. But not so much, it’s almost 9 years later and I’m still a raw vegan. Committed ?! With the exception of my pregnancy with my son. I was a cooked vegan with some things. I just know that sometimes family and friends could be the most confused and fearful of you trying something that’s not the “norm”

I think this is ok, and I would say just be patient. The fact is we all act out fear when we don’t know enough about something. Today my mother totally understands why I did it and is happy for my choice even. She has seen my progress with my health getting better. But there are still things that she don’t know. However she is easy to ask and I am happy to answer. And not much changed on the holidays, other then I bring raw vegan dishes for everyone to enjoy. So I would say be patient. Especially if your living with someone that may not understand your choices! It may just mean that they are totally unfamiliar with your choice and need to be told more facts! Do your research and ultimately listen to your body and what makes you happy!

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