First thing you should know about me, before you go on, is that I am a sucker for peanut butter. It’s literally my favorite food (the 100% natural kind). It’s my go-to desert and I add it to everything. Now you may continue :).

The first time I tasted Rustys brand was at a grocery store tasting and I was instantly smitten. It is nothing like your regular nut butter at all! It’s very rugged – you feel the pieces of its goodness melting on your tongue. The combinations are pure heaven. Almond butter is definitely my favorite! Coconut and cocoa butter will melt your heart. There’s also one with atlantic salt that’s pure joy – the salt definitely brings up the natural flavor. The peanut butters are also nothing like that you’re used to from your local store. They taste like the ultimate treat and yet are very healthy and nutritious.

I also love the containers! I use them for dips, olives and sauces. These amazing butters are good on bread, in shakes, cakes, cookies, or just grab’em with a spoon, but don’t forget to stop before you finish the whole package!

peanut butter spread on a wheat tortilla wrap with honey by personal creations licensed under CC BY 2.0



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