The day I became vegan

The day I became vegan

Tom Levin

Tom is very compassionate towards animals and love sharing simple vegan recipes, workouts, wellness tips and more to inspire a life in healthy balance.
Tom Levin

Saturday 24th September 2015 – I came out… as Vegan!

It was sudden, a realisation. After watching ‘Cowspiracy’ the documentary, I knew that was it. I would never eat meat, fish, or dairy ever again. This was a pretty bold decision, one that raised suspicions and feelings of disbelief from friends, family, and onlookers such as “PFFFT…I give you a month”, “you’re joking right?” and the classic “don’t be so stupid”. Most of this was raised by my mother, who 1. Is still in denial and 2. seems embarrassed that I’m vegan! My mum still does not get it and insists I need to eat meat or at least fish out of worry. All of which are expected in today’s society – remembering I once had similar beliefs! In regards to social and family pressures, they come around, so remember that worrying is as effective as trying to solve a mathematical equation by chewing bubble gum!

It feels as though I have gone through life with a blindfold covering my eyes. With the flick of a switch, I lifted it off to see the harsh reality of what man is really doing to destroy our planet, our animals, and ourselves. I have been vegan for exactly 71 days, just over 2 months and the only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner.

So how did I get here? Whilst ‘Cowspiracy’ was my trigger, it was a long time coming due to my never-ending curiosity and concerns over climate change, health, and barbaric animal suffering versus the economics behind the animal agriculture industry. I had already cut back massively on meat consumption naturally, and after educating myself online, it was time to seek advice from a vegan, none better than my best friend, Rachelle.

Rachelle has been vegan for over 2 years. I was never against Veganism, but I had many reasons why I would never become vegan, and I would justify my reasoning. Rachelle had an abundance of resources to show me, but first we engaged in a Q&A; I had many questions and seemed kind of confused. I’m a big believer in questioning everything; knowledge is power. Then I watched ‘Cowspiracy’ and Gary Yourofsky’s Speech, and I cried, in fact I broke down.

What happened next?

  1. I cleared out my fridge, freezer & pantry of all animal products and gave them all away, including a fresh pot of chicken soup (the thought of eating it made me sick!)
  2. I brainstormed new recipes & discovered ways of adapting to my newly adopted lifestyle
  3. I felt re-born, time to celebrate!

I think it takes guts to be vegan in a society that rejects such views. However, as this beautiful movement grows, we have the opportunity to shape our circles, inspire people, and be a pioneer of the future working towards a cruelty-free, sustainable, and healthier planet. This is more urgent and necessary than ever before. It is this generation that will pave the future of those to come; let’s ensure that future is a bright one.

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Be the change you want to see in our world.

Do it for our Animals.

Do it for our Planet.

Do it for Ourselves.


Bea xo