Eschewing Meat for Better Health, Ne-Yo Embraces Veganism

Eschewing Meat for Better Health, Ne-Yo Embraces Veganism

America’s growing vegan population, which has increased by 500% in the past 4 years, has now welcomed one more member. Singer, songwriter and record producer Ne-Yo has declared that he’s officially done eating meat. He cites the new Netflix documentary, What the Health, as the motivating factor in opening his eyes to the direct correlation between a meat-based diet and poor health.

Diet and Health

Looking a bit overwhelmed by what embracing a plant-based diet entails, Ne-Yo told millions of his followers on social media that he is 100% vegan now. From a supermarket aisle, he asked for vegan recipes and restaurant recommendations. He also admitted to having been “blissfully ignorant” about the effects of his meat-based diet and, especially “not knowing that [it’s] killin’ us, y’all.”

By now, it’s old news, especially for vegans, that a plant-based diet contributes to a healthier lifestyle. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorized processed meat as a cancer-causing carcinogen and red meat as “a probable carcinogen.” Heart disease, the single-leading cause of death in the United States, has also been linked to diets high in animal products. Having a celebrity such as Ne-Yo publicly call attention to his newly found awareness for improved health through a vegan diet may have far-reaching impact for veganism.

Renewed Commitment

Though Ne-Yo tried the vegan route before, he says he’s more committed this time around to nixing meat and dairy from his diet. Claiming he only lasted a month the last time he tried, the 37-year-old says that despite not being “a fruit and vegetable person,” he intends to follow through now, especially if being a vegan means adding some years to his life.

As for Ne-Yo’s favorite food (from a 2015 interview published on BuzzFeed), can he get that in “vegan?”

Oh god anything with red sauce and cheese. I am an Italian food fanatic. I really, really am. And it’s bad because it’s the one food I’m really not supposed to eat cause it’s all pasta and cheese and stuff that’ll fatten me up… but it’s definitely my favorite food.



Ne-Yo, you’re in luck! While vegan cheeses used to taste like cardboard, now there are many awesome vegan brands that make amazingly delicious products that closely resemble dairy for those who just can’t get enough of the stuff.

Ne-Yo isn’t the only music artist to bypass the bacon. Other rappers and hip-hop artists, including Common, Russell Simmons, Andre 3000, Raury, Waka Flocka, DJ Khaled and even Jay Z, among others, are or have been vegans.  Whether for improved health, animal welfare or environmental reasons, more people are turning to veganism both inside and outside celebrity culture.

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