First Date Jitters? 5 Ideas for a Successful Vegan-Style Date

First Date Jitters? 5 Ideas for a Successful Vegan-Style Date

We’ve all been there: that dreaded first date, when things feel awkward and unnatural. Then there’s that added pressure of being — or dating — a vegan, which may limit your dating options. If you’re thinking of doing something more creative than dinner and a movie, here are five refreshing, non-traditional, vegan-friendly date ideas.

  1. Coffee and a stroll.  Both options are acceptable at any hour of the day. Not only are cafes easily accessible in cities and suburbia, no one will bat an eye when one of you requests soy milk in their coffee. Depending on your chemistry, you can either sip away while sitting in the café or take your java with you on your leisurely stroll together. Either way, you’ve got yourself a low-key date in public, just in case your nerves or chemistry are a little off.
  2. Go shopping for a picnic. Vegan or not, you can learn a lot about someone by getting to know their eating habits. You can get to know each other as you wander through a farmers’ market or grocery store together and fill up your baskets with food for a makeshift picnic. Whether you talk about what you’re buying at the market or save your conversation for the picnic blanket, your food preferences will get the conversation going.
  3. Go fruit picking. True, this option will depend on the season and weather. But what could be more fun than apple, berry, cherry or pumpkin picking? Any lulls in the conversation can be blamed on having to pick fruit off hard-to-reach branches. If the date isn’t going well, you can call it a day and still enjoy the fruit you picked – but if it does go well, you’ve got an idea for date number two: an invitation to your place to bake your freshly-picked fruit into a vegan dessert or carve a funny jack-o-lantern.
  4. Visit a farm animal sanctuary. Whether one or both of you are living a vegan lifestyle, why not bring out your compassionate selves? Visit a farm animal sanctuary together and bond while cooing over the rescued animals.  As more of these shelters are popping up in every state, you may find one that’s a reasonably short drive away.
  5. Go to a museum or art show. Culture is a common denominator for vegans and non-vegans alike. Wandering through an art or history museum can be a fun and interesting way to get to know each other. Not only will you expand your horizons on the subject at hand, you’ll also learn about each other. Taking in an art or photography show can be a relaxed and casual way to get to know your date’s taste.

The Old Reliable

Whether sharing your vegan lifestyle with someone else or learning about theirs for the first time, first dates can be nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be! There are plenty of options to help you plan a stimulating and fun vegan-friendly date.  And if all else fails, no worries — a dinner-and-a-movie date is always an option. Just make sure there are vegan dishes on the menu!

Rachel Segal