Furry Tales – Effective Method To Help Shelter Dogs Get Forever Home

Furry Tales – Effective Method To Help Shelter Dogs Get Forever Home

Thanks to many organizations who have invested efforts to raise awareness, many people today would agree that adopting a dog is a far better option than buying one. Getting people to actually adopt from a shelter is a whole other story.

Different creative methods have fled up the internet to get people to adopt. Here is an example of a local shelter that decided to use photoshop to present the candidates in a slightly different angle, with futuristic backgrounds, illustrating a place beyond known boundaries, a place where anything can happen and where dreams can become a reality, a hopeful outlook on what the stars may have in store for these beautiful dogs.


This beautiful Akita named Monic, is charming, gentle and sweet, she came to us pregnant yet skinny and today she mothers two beautiful Akita minis. Monic deserves and awaits a brighter future, any loving and caring home would suit her. For more info contact us at Herzliya shelter in Glil yam.


Introducing Nevada with captivating green eyes, in her past harsh details lie, saved from breeders who used her to make money, she is still filled with joy and is sweet like honey. Looking desperately for a forever place to call home she is so lovable she will take you by a storm For more info contact us at herzliya shelter glil yam


Frisca, the blondie, is traveling in time to find a new future in which he can shine, At only 2 he went through a lot yet remained sweet and friendly even when his surroundings were not. Charming Frisca is waiting in Herzliya, in Glil yam.


Sweet little River was found on the street but today he is in space and that’s pretty neat. Lovable and caring describe River best and he is looking for a place, to love play and rest. River gets along with all creatures and types, and long walks and food are his biggest likes. River awaits in the Herzliya shelter.


Charming Adele leaves an abusive rough past behind to see what stars for her have aligned, young Malinuwa who wishes for a life of her own, a true lady looking for a place to call home, Adele has a lot of love and affection to give and wishes for a chance and new reason to live. Awaits in Herzliya shelter.

As for success rate, the post was shared among different groups and people, this unique action allowed people from different places, backgrounds and interests to interact with the message presented and luckily for the shelter they have a quite amazing conversion rate thus, all the pictured dogs were successfully adopted.

Katie Love