Got my radiance back! – Terrateva anti-aging cream review

Got my radiance back! – Terrateva anti-aging cream review

Tom Levin

My go-to beauty regimen is coconut oil. I am wary of different products sold at pharmacies. They frequently burn and sting and I have some allergic reactions in times. It’s also very hard to find products that were not tested on animals and so I just resort to coconut oil…

However, I recently turned 34 and I have been reading about anti-aging products. As my first wrinkles appeared, I realized I need to up my regimen.

I tried Terrateva’s anti-aging cream. Its creamy texture was instantly soothing. I didn’t experience any burning or tingling. And yet, my skin felt instantly tighter.

hidratare by GIOCONDA Centru de Frumusete licensed under CC BY 2.0

Within a few days of use, I felt radiant. I got a lot of compliments on my looks. I ventured outside without makeup, which I rarely do nowadays, and I still got compliments!

I think I see much less wrinkles, especially around my mouth, which bothered me before. I can’t wait to try other Terrateva products