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    Charcoal Tooth Powder (Mint -1.6oz) by Dirt Don’t Hurt

    100% Natural, Earth + Plant Based Formula. Brighten + Detoxify with Charcoal Tooth Powder.

    Formulated to gradually whiten, strengthen (re-mineralize) your teeth and detoxify your mouth.

    Also polishes and scrubs teeth while balancing PH levels in your mouth, freshening breath, removing plaque and fighting cavities.

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    Kids Charcoal Tooth Powder (1.5 oz ) by Dirt Don’t Hurt

    -Dirt Don’t Hurt’s Kids Charcoal Tooth Powder is All Natural, Earth + Plant Based and formulated to freshen breath, remove plaque, and gently scrub and polish teeth.
    -Loaded with vital trace minerals to help strengthen your little ones teeth
    -Free of Fluoride, glycerin, SLS and any other harmful chemicals and additives.
    -Cleans, polishes, and strengthens
    Ingredients:Calcium Bentonite Clay, Coconut Activated Charcoal, Calcium Carbonate, Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Bicarbonate, Clove, Myrrh

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    Mineral Tooth Powder (1.6 oz Mint Flavored) by Dirt Don’t Hurt

    -This Natural Tooth Powder creates an alkaline environment in your mouth by neutralizing acids and bacteria.
    -Minty flavor cleans and polishes
    -Packed with trace minerals to help strengthen teeth
    – Helps to fight cavities, bacteria and gingivitis
    -An earth + plant based approach to your everyday oral care routine.

    Ingredients: Calcium Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Bicarbonate, Myrrh Gum Powder, Clove, Sage, Turmeric, Essential Oil Blend: (Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen).