A Simple Dish to Strengthen Your Immune System

A Simple Dish to Strengthen Your Immune System

Tom Levin

+ Tips for Buying High Quality Olive Oil (and other Ingredients)

There are numerous myths surrounding which foods actually strengthen the immune system. The first example we can think of is chicken soup, often unofficially “prescribed” to those feeling under the weather. The notion that chicken soup can make you feel better is most certainly a myth, originating in the days before chickens were injected regularly with antibiotics and other harmful chemicals. Nowadays, it’s better to choose other foods to benefit your immune system – ones that’ll make you feel better and more energetic, throughout the day.
Our immune system is composed of cells meant to defend our bodies from foreign invaders (such as viruses) by attacking them. 70% of the immune system is located inside the digestive system, meaning that our body effectively sees food as information. An apple, for instance, contains more information than you might think: The chemicals and molecules that make it up pass through our bodies, sweeping every cell and removing unnecessary materials. Wondrous processes such as the one that takes place in our body after eating an apple, will then influence the behavior of our cells and even have the power to alter our DNA. Essentially, this is how food influences gene selection.
We’d like to introduce you to an immune-boosting food, rich in anti-oxidants and considered to have anti-inflammatory qualities. We call it, the Immuno-Sauce: Use it in salads, sandwiches or light snacks rolls, as in the recipe we’ll share below.

Immuno-Sauce Recipe

• ¼ cup lemon juice
• ¼ cup soy sauce
• 8 cloves of garlic
• ½ thick slice of ginger
• 1 cup olive oil
• Mix all ingredients together, except the olive oil.
• Once blended, gradually add in the olive oil while stirring. You may reach your preferred thickness before you add in all of the olive oil.

Immune System Boosting Snack Rolls

• 8 Nori seaweed sheets
• 4 cups of leafy greens (lettuce, baby kale, etc)
• 2 ripe avocados
• 1 cup sprouts of any kind


• Spread Nori sheets on a dry surface, alongside a cup of water.
• Place ½ cup’s worth of leafy greens in the middle of each sheet.
• Place ¼ of an avocado over the leafy greens.
• Top with sprouts.
• Roll each sheet as you would roll sushi, and seal the end with a bit of water.
• Cut each role diagonally, and serve beside the Immuno-Sauce for dipping.

Besides being delicious, this recipe has another surprising advantage: It’s a great substitute for sushi for pregnant women, who are strongly discouraged from consuming foods that may have been in contact with raw meat and fish.

Remember, ingredient quality affects our bodies. For this reason, it’s important to source high quality garlic, opting for organic if possible. Garlic is rich in selenium, an important ingredient that helps strengthen our immune system. Ginger is a spicy root known for its immune boosting qualities, helping our bodies fend off various infections and inflammations. Lemons contain 45% of our daily recommended dose of vitamin C, which protects us from within and serves as an important anti-oxidant. Vitamin C also speeds up digestion and bodily toxin removal, helping us feel lighter and more refreshed. Finally, make sure you’re buying high quality, certified olive oil.
We sincerely hope you’ll incorporate these recipes into your daily routine.
Stay healthy!