Simple Happy Kitchen – an Illustrated Guide to Veganism

Simple Happy Kitchen – an Illustrated Guide to Veganism

Simple Happy Kitchen is the hottest new resource guide for eating vegan. It’s also the easiest to digest, because everything comes in an entertaining and convenient infographic format. It’s the best gift you can give yourself or anyone else at the start of their vegan journey. Seasoned vegans will find it useful too, because the way the info is presented creates an easy way to make small improvements in your diet and lifestyle, resulting in life-long positive health changes.

Extend the life of your groceries with these tips:

It’s no secret that being vegan is healthier, smarter, and better for the environment – so why is a vegan lifestyle still perceived by many as unattainable or difficult to maintain?

Many of the challenges are related to information – either the lack of it or a total overload. And then comes Simple Happy Kitchen! A resource that gives readers every chart and diagram that could possibly help them with their vegan diet. This includes the best protein and iron sources, and even how to store your groceries.

Easy-to-Follow Charts!

All the beautiful characters and graphs were designed and created by Miki Mottes, a talented illustrator and designer, combined with information written by top nutritionists.

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