Spirulina Crunch by Pure Standard: review

Spirulina Crunch by Pure Standard: review

I admit it, I’m a workaholic. My friends think I am super healthy (some of it is because I’m vegan), but the truth is that I sit there for hours working (and sometimes wasting time), I sleep little and workout sporadically, mainly motivated by vanity.

I know for a fact I don’t always get all my nutrients. And it’s not because I’m vegan – it’s mainly because I am a lazy vegan or I am a workaholic vegan who doesn’t like to waste time… and to an extreme getting up and making food sometimes seems like a waste of time…

So I had to find something. Something that will give me superhuman powers. And it turned out to be Spirulina Crunch.

I don’t always make shakes – but when I do, I make them with spirulina!

I made this beauty one day a friend came over and shamed me because ever since I had a second child, I was not making shakes anymore. This was one way to shut her up… She’s right though. Add to my list – start making shakes again.

The beauty of the crunch is that you can either add it to the shake itself or put it on top of all kinds of goodies in a smoothie bowl – which is a bonus for people who find smoothie texture a bit hard to appreciate.

You can also just mix it with water and add some lemon. Turns out, your kids will love it too!

And here’s a completely new way to eat spirulina – put it on a sandwich! It’s awesome on tahini or peanut butter too!

But the most amazing thing for me is how much of a pick-me-up it is. Physically and mentally. It’s the best snack out there with 6 grams of protein that you eat in about 3 seconds. I take it before workouts! It gives energy instantly and doesn’t weight me down. And if I forgot to eat before the workout – it’s no longer “tough luck and good luck.” It’s now more of a “no problem, take this small bag of treasure and goodness.”

Whatever or not you are as neglectful toward your body as me – try it out, it may just change your life!

Yael Tamar

Vegan mom of two, into health & fitness, spirulina addict, making being vegan a bit easier, tastier and more stylish.
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