Clean. Real Clean. Vegan Cleaning Products That Are Eco-Friendly

Vegan Cleaning Products

Clean. Real Clean. Vegan Cleaning Products That Are Eco-Friendly

Finding vegan, eco-friendly, and effective household cleaning products can be tough. A lot of commercial cleaning brands use harsh chemicals to remove dirt, grease and stains, that can be hazardous to humans and animals. And that’s not to mention the harm done to animals as part of the testing for many commercial products on the market today. Fortunately, some brands work hard to create high-performance household cleaning products that are cruelty-free as well as environmentally-friendly.

Clean and Healthy for You

One company that considers the effects of its products on humans, animals, and our planet is Sun & Earth, which is constantly making improvements to its tried and tested formulas. Sun & Earth’s mission is to create high-quality cleaning products from natural ingredients that work just as well as chemical-ridden commercial brands. The company works hard to ensure that all of its ingredients are non-toxic and cruelty-free.

The list of Sun & Earth household cleaners runs long, including everything from liquid hand soap to glass cleaner, biodegradable surface wipes, fruit and veggie wash, on-the-go travel packs, and more. This goes to show that you don’t have to compromise your health or ethics to keep your home looking and smelling clean.

Green for the Earth

Donna and Peter Witonsky, the founders and owners of Sun & Earth, believe in making sustainable choices in order to protect the planet and all its inhabitants, including future generations. On top of using only biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients, Sun & Earth is the first company in the state of Pennsylvania to purchase 100% wind power! The company even recycles its own packaging materials.

Sun & Earth founders Donna and Peter
Donna and Peter, the proud founders and owners of Sun & Earth.

Allergen-Free Household Cleaners

For people with extreme sensitivities, certain ingredients can cause topical reactions. So, if you notice anything unusual going on with your skin after you clean the kitchen or do laundry, an allergen may be lurking in your cleaning products. Corn, gluten and nuts (in some form or another) are commonplace in household cleaners, which can cause people with sensitivities to have different reactions to how the body normally reacts to a clean environment.

As a company that considers the effects of its products on humans, animals, and the world in which we live, Sun & Earth constantly upgrades its formulas. And as a company that wants to be as useful as possible to as many people as possible, Sun & Earth strives to make its products as allergy-free as it can, while still being super effective. For example, although Sun & Earth products (aside from the laundry detergents) contain ingredients that are derived from corn, they are refined to minimize sensitivities. It is for that same reason that no Sun & Earth products contain nuts (peanut or tree nuts), nut oils or other nut-based substances. And Sun & Earth laundry detergents and fabric softeners are gluten free.

All Sun & Earth products are proudly free from phosphates, chemical preservatives, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, petroleum-based ingredients, animal by products, bleach, and other common allergens

Tried and Tested

I’m familiar with the struggle to find good quality vegan and earth-friendly cleaning products, so I had to give a few Sun & Earth products a spin myself. I must say, I was quite impressed!

I found the laundry detergent to be super gentle. It’s also hypoallergenic and extremely powerful, making it a great fit for little ones with sensitive skin and a big sense of adventure. Additionally, the green laundry detergent formulas are cold-water-ready and work great in newer High Efficiency (HE) washing machines.

The nifty stain remover pens are a gift from the heavens. They use natural enzymes to tackle and remove dirt and stains from fabrics, with no UV brighteners or other harmful ingredients. So, go ahead and let your little ones get as dirty as they please. Cleaning will be a breeze!

The Natural Concentrated Liquid Dish Soap was so gentle on my sensitive skin. I usually have to slather on lotion right after I do the dishes, but not this time! Not only that, but the light citrus scent left the kitchen smelling great. I especially liked how super sudsy the soap got on the sponge, ready to tackle any mess.

The Natural All-Purpose Cleaner came to the rescue several times, leaving my coffee table, kitchen counters, and floor squeaky clean.

I used the Biodegradable All Surface Wipes and the On the Spot Instant Stain Remover for a few messes in the car, and was so happy with the super easy clean-up and invigorating citrus scent.

I give Sun & Earth a big thumbs up for creating high quality, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Beverlyn Baer