The best vegan recipes for a perfect BBQ in time for 4th of July

The best vegan recipes for a perfect BBQ in time for 4th of July

America. Home of the Brave. Home of the “Carnivores.” Independence Day is on of the most difficult holidays for a vegan in America to tackle. Every barbecue and cookout involves extreme amounts of meat and dairy as well as cheap red, white, and blue clothing and accessories from big name companies that are known for inhumane practices. Now the question is, how do you celebrate a holiday notoriously known for grilling meat into a holiday fit for vegans as well?

Yeah we here listed the most top rated potluck and outing vegan food recipes to make this independence, a day were all vegans cherish like others do!


Everyone knows a burger – it’s an unquestionably America food. Ask a teenager in a far away land who may or may not speak English which food they eat in America, and chances are they will say, a burger. In fact, Americans consume 50 billion (!) burgers every year. That’s why we would never dream to skip a burger as the main feature of the 4th of July barbeque! Here are top 20 vegan burger recipes by the Flaming Vegan; on this extensive list you are bound to find one or two awesome burgers that you and your guests will absolutely fall in love with. And we dare you to try them all!


Hot dogs became the quintessential Independence Day food when four immigrants argued decided to settle an argument who was the most patriotic in a hot dog eating contest held, conspicuously, on the Fourth of July, according to Nathan’s Famous. That contest became the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which is one of the best-known competitions in the realm of “competitive eating” (here’s hoping that next year they could use vegan hot dogs?).  150 million hot dogs are consumed each Fourth of July, which is enough hot dogs to make a line from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles more than five times. Don’t worry – there’s no need to abandon your love for hot dogs when you go vegan. Here’s an awesome recipe by the Fat-Free Vegan, which will help you make the home-made version of a hotdog from scratch!


Cool Salad:

Still trying to figure out which side dish to serve at your Fourth of July picnic or barbecue? Or better yet, did you get assigned to bring salads for the occasion? Fear not: here’s a list of salad recipes, most with an extra serving of plant-based proteins because, why not?! One Green Planet has your salad recipes figured out.


Chip and Veggie Dips:

85% of Americans eat chips. They became popular in the U.S. in the 50s, and chip and dip dish was  sometimes referred to as “California dip” back then. There’s no denying it: your guests will want chips and dip to kick off the party!


To serve the best chips and dip on the block, Eluxemagazine has a comprehensive list of recipes with ingredients you have at your home.

Whatever foods you choose to make, one thing is certain. While having a vegan barbeque sometimes feels like a revolution in its own right, it’s becoming more and more common. Over 5% of Americans are vegans or reducetarians. Not eating animal products on Independence Day alone may save 3-4 animal lives per person! Happy 4th of July!


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