Vegan Christmas Gifts for Him

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Him

We all love getting gifts, especially in the spirit of the holiday season. However, trying to find the perfect gift for someone can send us into a spiral of confusion, in the hope that the gift we finally choose will be met with acceptance and joy. When we do find that elusive gift, it’s almost like scoring the winning goal in a football game. It takes a surprising amount of effort to get it right.

As a vegan man, it’s important to me to make sure I’m not contributing to something that is not in alignment with my values, which can sometimes really narrow my gifting options. But vegan or not, everyone likes a thoughtful and useful gift, and learning that it’s also cruelty free will always be a bonus.

Below is a list of go to gifts for the vegan men in your life. Follow our guide and you won’t go wrong.

Cruelty-Free Facial Grooming

Whether he likes to shave or grow his beard with pride, there’s a great cruelty-free option out there for him. Personally, I like a bit of both, and I maintain a short stubble that is kept sharp, neat and tidy. In terms of skin care, I never go anywhere without my Bulldog moisturizer, it smells great and is one of my top recommended products for male grooming.

Books and Cookbooks

Books, and especially cookbooks, are always a welcome treat. Whether you want to help your special guy learn how to improve his culinary skills, keep him informed, or help him build muscle on a plant-based diet, there’s a book out there that is just the perfect fit. In fact, you’ll find that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Vegan Colognes and Aftershaves

Always a classic gift and generally well received. If your man is vegan, he probably already realized that a lot of the go to aftershaves he relied on are either tested on animals or contain animal based ingredients. Finding a suitable replacement is not a simple task, so he will be more than happy to receive it as a gift. And if he is not vegan? Well, if it’s a high-quality product, the knowledge that it’s cruelty-free would just be an added bonus.

Other Thoughtful Gifts

What makes any gift great, is the amount of thought behind it and the fact you are going out of your way to get something that would be meaningful and thoughtful. If you are looking for additional ideas, you might want to consider a romantic dinner, a donation to his favorite organization or charity. Or getting him a massage with a vegan-friendly parlor, using vegan oils and lotions. A facial, manicure, or even pedicure with a vegan-friendly parlor could work too – Men like to be pampered to you know!

I hope this list helps you and ensures that he gets a gift so good, that he’ll want to repay the favor ten-fold. For more great gifts for him, visit the full Christmas gift collection.

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