When Compassion Met Fashion – Sugandh’s Vegan Designer Bags

GUNAS vegan designer bags

When Compassion Met Fashion – Sugandh’s Vegan Designer Bags

High fashion does not have to equal animal cruelty. Unfortunately, the high-end bag industry didn’t get that memo. Most high-end designer bags are made of leather or suede, or contain animal by-products, which can make accessorizing a vegan nightmare…

For this reason, designer and animal lover, Sugandh G. Agrawal started GUNAS back in 2009. As a self-proclaimed progressive lifestyle brand, GUNAS sheds light on the pain, suffering, and environmental impact of leather and other non-vegan materials. Agrawal left her corporate career as an industrial designer to pursue cruelty-free fashion. And what better place to begin her compassionate fashion career than New York?

Gunas founder
Sugandh, the founder of GUNAS, with her daughter, who is also her inspiration.

In Search of Ethical Artisans

Agrawal successfully married the two seemingly disjointed concepts of cruelty-free and high-end fashion in what began as an ‘all MADE IN NYC’ label. But as GUNAS grew in popularity, it expanded its reach on a global level. And while globalization can easily translate into exploitation, GUNAS products are sweatshop-free.

Agrawal’s commitment to conscious fashion led her to work with small-scale ethical manufacturers across the globe, from India and South Korea, to Italy and Mexico. Each factory has been personally visited and vetted for ethical working conditions. And so, the search for new ethical artisans continues!

Vegan Materials, Environmentally Conscious

As stated in their brand manifesto, GUNAS is committed to being a 100% vegan brand. Their core values are justice, empathy, and compassion, and their vegan designer bags are free of any animal by-product. The common materials they use are fabrics such as coated canvas, nylon, eco-polyurethane, ultra-leather, ultra-suede, up-cycled polyester as a lining, and YKK zippers. Additionally, they do not use PVC (which is harmful to the environment and our health). They do, however, experiment with eco-friendly vegan materials, such as cork, rubber and pinatex in order to continuously improve the quality of their bags.

Vegan Designer Bags You Can Show Off

The result of this beautifully compassionate effort is the most conscious and stylish hand bags for any mood and/or occasion. From an on the shoulder or cross-body old quilted textured eco polyurethane decorated with 18K gold plated recycled metal hardware (KOI), to a hand-beaded nickel-free and lead-free clutch (Rebel), to a premium rubberized eco-PU satchel in honor of Dr. Jane Goodall (Jane), GUNAS has got you covered!

So put on your favorite party dress or casual garb and check out what stylish bag best compliments your outfit! With GUNAS, you know that whatever bag you choose will be in line with your ethics and keep you looking fab.

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Beverlyn Baer