Why Billion Vegans

Why Billion Vegans

Online shopping is definitely a blessing – it saves you time to do things you love instead of spending your time in the stores. You get to experience the variety of the products never seen before, as well as read reviews from other buyers. Sites like Amazon and eBay made it possible to compare prices for similar products, saving customers money.


For vegans, however, online shopping is not a seamless process. Many sellers are not truly cautious when listing products vegan. Many use animal products as a part of production process. It’s a tedious process for vegan customers to endlessly go through lists of ingredients for the products they want to buy. There are many helpful websites listing vegan-friendly producers and recommended vegan products, but consulting those lists and then looking for those specific products in non-vegan-only marketplaces is still cumbersome for many people.

Finally, shopping at Amazon or eBay, as easy and amazing as they are, means supporting a marketplace that sells hundreds of thousands of pounds of chicken, beef and other meats, as well as dairy products every year, not mentioning millions of other products that contain animal ingredients or materials, or were tested on the animals.


Many of the hurdles described above are the reasons why many people don’t cross the finish line into veganism. It’s not very hard to avoid cooking with meat, dairy and eggs at home when you have the control over the ingredients. It is, however, very hard, seemingly impossible, to lead a cruelty-free life when you have to check every single piece of clothing, accessory, soap, washing liquid, fertilizer and toy to make sure they contain no ingredients or materials derived from animals.


And that’s where Billion Vegans comes in. We’re here to help make sure that being vegan is a little bit easier than that by providing a curated marketplace with 100% vegan product offering. We support vegan sellers by connecting them with customers and giving them exposure. We appreciate tips from our community on new vegan products out there, and we also rely on the community to help us ensure that the suppliers keep their offering vegan by utilizing the power of crowdsourced knowledge. Our vegan ambassadors visit suppliers in their area and get a tour of the production facility. To apply to become a Billion Vegans ambassador, please email ambassadors@billionvegans.com.  

To recommend a product, please email products@billionvegans.com with further information.