Will going vegan lead to my divorce?

Will going vegan lead to my divorce?

Tom Levin

Tom is very compassionate towards animals and love sharing simple vegan recipes, workouts, wellness tips and more to inspire a life in healthy balance.
Tom Levin

So… I’ve decided to go vegan. At first, it was mostly due to health reasons however, the more I read about it, the more I became convinced that it is morally wrong to live differently. Great, wonderful, yay, WTG me!

From our recent trip to Munich during Oktoberfest

After I was done with my self-celebrations, I shared it with my husband and found him petrified, shocked, and mostly worried. You see, we met almost 10 years ago and one of the things that we both loved about each other is the shared passion for new tastes, great food, and great drinks. We’ve travelled all over the world and had so much fun exploring new restaurants, experiences and flavours.

There is nothing we didn’t eat and there is nothing we refused to try. This is also how we have been raising our 3 children – to always taste, try and add new flavors. To us, this is one of the best way to explore new cultures.

The change was quick. I didn’t plan to become vegan nor wished for it. If you had told me a year ago that I would become vegan I would have laughed out loud and asked you for a smoke of whatever it is you were smoking. I never saw it coming and neither did he.

From our trip to Vietnam

A week ago I turned 40 and in our night out we found ourselves talking about how would our future look if I will turn vegan. It was not an easy conversation. We have decided that at first, we will just make sure to eat healthier and reduce processed meat and non-healthy things. I think that when you present the health issues and know your facts, it’s easier on the ears and makes more sense. I am still cooking meat for the family and I’m not going to force anyone to become vegan. I am also not going to show them movies or photos because I believe that the change and the decision needs to come from them and it’s not easy.

I will keep you posted and would love to hear your take on this situation because honestly, I don’t have an easy answer here.



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